Help on positioning established sts on Magic Loop needle

I am looking for a video for positioning established stitches onto the ML needle for top down raglan sweater . I want to get both sleeves done at the same time but I’m having a huge brain fart on how to get my already established stitches of both sleeves onto the circular needle in the correct position so I can start Knitting in Magic Loop . Can anyone help me

I don’t know of a video.

Determine where your round begins.
Beginning with the first stitch move 1/2 the sleeve stitches to your magic loop needle (work them or slip them).
Repeat for the second sleeve.
Pull the cable through and move the 2nd half of the 2nd sleeve to the ML needle.
Move the 2nd half of the 1st sleeve to the ML needle.
Begin ML knitting in the round.

When I do this I like to have a knit or purl stitch between the decreases,it just comes out nicer for me.


That makes sense GG. I’ve had these sts on and off again so many times and each time it looked wrong . I should never attempt to knit when I have spent two days shoveling snow .

Been there done that but not the shoveling snow part.