Help on pattern row please

Help please, I have 97 stitches on my needle but keep ending up with 2 too many stitches on my needle !!! Pattern says…
K1 p1 4 times,K6,P1,K6, * P1,K1, (p1,k6) twice,Rep from * to last 10 sts, p1, k1 5 times ?? What am I reading incorrectly !!!
Many thanks

Hi Alison, I work out the figures to end the same as you do. 97-21 ( first part) - 10 ( last part) = 66 sts then the middle bit adds up to 16 which will not divide into 66 !! What’s the name of the pattern you are using? Have you checked if there are any errors or corrections relating to it? If it’s a paid for pattern you can contact the designer for advice.
Hope you can solve this problem.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look, it is a hayfield pattern and have looked to see if there is a mistake, so am presuming I have been reading it incorrectly I am on row 9 and doing the 5th size

From what I can tell by reading the pattern, the middle repeated section is worked across 64 sts, the odd 1 st is worked either at the start or at the end, the k1,p1 or p1,k1 section is either 8 or 10 sts depending which row you are working and that leaves those sts just before the repeated section!!
On row 9 at this point, it says to k6,p1, k6 =13sts
yet on row 10 at the same place it says to p6,k1,p1,k1,p6 = 15sts. I think this is possibly where your problem is.
Look at your work in this area to see what should be happening there between the 6 knitted stitches.
Quite a puzzle isn’t it!!

Thank you so much, will sit down and try to work it out again on your advice

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What is the name or the number of the Hayfield pattern?
The numbers work out for the 6th size but not for the 5th as notknittingknots posted.
I wonder if the pattern stitch would look correct if you worked an extra k1,p1 at the beginning of the row?

Hello, it’s a hayfield pattern no :- 7251 am doing the 5th size the other rows work out fine I am a fairly experienced knitter and have been thinking I’ve not been reading the pattern correctly !! Thank you for you trouble

Very good looking.

I couldn’t find any errata online or on Ravelry but it’s possible that the error is only on your size. It’s worth contacting Hayfield to let them know of the problem.

Ha ha just my luck to have a mistake, I will contact them on Monday morning and let you know the outcome, thank you so much for taking the trouble to help me it’s much appreciated