Help on pattern instructions

Hi This is my first time asking a question. I have a Braided Swirl Tam pattern by Lijuan Jing. I went to this website to watch how to do various stitches and it was a tremendous help. But now the pattern says " Pick up 15 sts." but it does say whether it should be between the 26 stitches on the needle or just at the end. although the pattern indicates it is easy+ but I am finding it very challenging. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Here’s the link.

Can you type out a few lines where it tells you to do this since its a purchased pattern.

Yup. Knowing more about the pattern would be a big help.

I saw the word [I]modular[/I] and will hazard a guess that you’re at the starting point of the next motif and if so you’ll be picking up all 15 sts along the edge of a finished one.

Yes sorry about that here are the steps;
Row 30 is K17, C4b, c4f, k1 (26sts).
Pick up 15 sts and repeat from R1 to R30 again. Totally making 5 pieces. After last R30, pick up 15 sts to get 41 sts on needle. Put 41 cast on sts on another needle by removing waste yarn. Using kitchener stitch to sew these two sets of 41 sts to close the tam.

So do you think I need to pick them up from the side of the work or just cast on another 15 stitches?

What a great hat! A very unusual construction and a fun knit.
I think that this project is very helpful for figuring out what it looks like in progress (especially the 5th photo down).
You’ll need to pick up the 15sts on the side of the last triangle so that you can join 41sts to the initial cast on.