Help on pattern instructions

I’m just getting back into knitting after many years and have forgotten a lot. I am having trouble with 1 row on a hat pattern that I just can’t seem to get past.

I have 71 stitches on my needle which is the required amount. Heres the directions for this row (found online @ Berroco free pattern - Kilo Set - hat section)

DVC: double vertical dec

Row7: K1, (yo, K1) 3 times, * yo, DVC, (yo, K1) 7 times, rep from * 6 times, yo, DVC, (yo, k1) 4 times. - 113 sts

Could someone explain this row very basic and in sections for me Please :?? Thank you so much in advance - Dianemt

Welcome to the forum! :cheering:

If you click on the “Glossary” tab at the top of the page, you will find explanations (and videos) for many knitting abbreviations. Instead of VDC, though, look at CDD, centered double decrease, because that’s what Amy calls it. I think you’ll be able to figure out what to do by looking at the videos, but if you still have questions, just ask. :wink: