Help on Mittens please!

I’m working on these mittens:

What am I supposed to be doing after knitting the cuff? How do I go from knitting into the round to knitting back and forth (eg. the thumb gusset part) and how do I go back to knitting into the round after this?

I just need some clarification on this entire process. Any help would be appreciated!

to start knitting back and forth, at the start of a round instead of carrying on knitting in the direction you have been, turn your work as you would at the end of a row of flat knitting and knitt back the way you have gone. then just knit back and forth turning at the end of every row as normal.

To rejoin into the round, at the end of a knit row (or a RS row) simply join as you do when frist starting to knit in the round, i.e dont turn your work just go straight from the alst stitch to the first stitch.

so to clarify…i simply turn the work after following the pattern for all 60 stitches?

hmm I think you have to do the last round of ribbing for the cuff, then do the instructions for ‘Row 1’ then turn and do 'Row two, turn Row 3 and so on.

so even when working flat i’m working off all the needles that i was using previously?
on the thumb gusset part row 1 it says to keep stitches before marker. what marker?

yep woring off all the needles.

the marker refers to the marker you place in Row 1 of the gusset. it is abreviated to pm (place marker).

Yep, in the first row of the gusset, as pm (place marker).

I’d also do a PM when you join the cast on to make it easy to identify completed rounds. When you work in the round and come to a stitch marker you simply slip it purl wise from left to right needle. If you use two stitch markers, one on each side of the thumb gusset stitches, I would suggest one color (like red) for the turn and a different color (like blue or green) for the other side. Then you work the gusset stitches in MC between these two markers and folow the pattern instructions for Worked Flat outside the markers.

Thanks for linking to the pattern, I’ve save it to try later.


just need some more clarification with the pattern. When it comes to the thumb gusset part of the pattern, it says within these rows to use the stitch pattern worked flat. How do you know which part of the stitch pattern worked flat to use? eg. after Row 1 of the thumb gusset part, Row 2 and 3 are to be in the stitch pattern. I would assume that Rows 2 and 3 in this section refers to Rows 1 and 2 in the stitch pattern worked flat. But as the instructions continue for the thumb gusset, when it tells you to continue in the pattern for stitch pattern worked flat do you start again from the beginning of the pattern?

don’t know if my question was really clear, since i myself am quite confused.

thanks again for any help.