Help on makeing a dog jumper

I am not exactly a beginner in knitting but it is the first time i try to follow a pattern for making anything with holes for legs or leaving stitches on a spare needle. So i am at the part where i divided for leg holes. I just finished the left side and at the end of the last row it says "Slip sts onto a holder, do NOT break yarn"
then the next part is to make chest section and it says
"With RS facing, rejoin yarn to sts on spare needle"
SO as a beginer at this:
do i use a new ball of yarn to the point where it says to rejoin or
do i take the yarn that i did not break and is attached to the sts that they are on the holder??
hope someone can explain this to me. Please???

this is the link of the photo of how it is supposed to look like when its done

and these are all the instructions

Welcome to KH!
You should take a new end of yarn to work the center section. It can be a strand from a second ball of yarn or the other end of the ball that you’re using now.

You’ll work the center section, break the yarn, work the right side, break the yarn and then work the overlap section which is bound off. When you get to the Joining section, you’ll use that first ball of yarn which is still attached.

Thanks for the pattern link and the photo. It’s a darling coat.

Thank you sooooo much for helping me out!!! Your explanation is a huge help :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: