Help on knitting pattern please

Pleaseeee can somebody help me work this part of pattern out as I need it made for Xmas!!! I just cannot grasp how to follow this pattern I’ve done the border pattern so I am at the part where the. Turin hole needs to be added I understand all the instructions but I don’t understand how to follow this help would be highly appreciated I just need another persons way of doing it to understand I’ve done every other piece except this right front!!

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The only difference in row 4 is the addition of the buttonhole. Knit one, k2together and yarn over (also called yf, yarn forward), then knit 5. For the yarn over, bring the yarn to the front between the needles, then over the right needle to the back. Continue with the knit 5.

Thankyou I understand how to complete row 4 but insire how to follow the pattern after the border part is complete. The next instruction is work 6 rows in border patt so do I just complete 6 rows in border patt? I don’t know when to do row 4. Sorry if this is confusing :confused:

Work 6 more rows in border pattern and then purl one row decreasing as given for your size. Then proceed with whatever the next directions are.
When you worked the left front there should have been directions for placing markers on certain rows for buttons. Use those markers as a guide for when to work row 4, buttonhole row.

What is the name of the pattern you’re making?

Thankyou so so much I now know how to do it. I’ve been stuck in it for hours!!! Finally know how with your help. Thankyou again. Also the pattern is called teddy knitting yarns 623. It’s a booklet of baby knots (very old!)

Glad to be able to help. Looks like a book of sweet baby patterns.

Hiya I have another question I’ve got to the part where my pattern tells me to complete to match left front of cardigan reversing shaping by working one more row where indicated does this mean I literally copy this part what was for the left front but work one more row where it’s indicated?

For the left front, the armhole shaping was at the beginning of a RS row. The armhole shaping for the right front will be at the beginning of a WS row.
The same is true for neck shaping. On the left front, neck shaping is at the beginning of a WS row; for the right front, neck shaping is at the beginning of a RS row.

Ok so do I literally just do the same instructions as left front but add one more row where stated?

Assuming that you end having completed a WS row and are now ready to begin the armhole shaping, knit across the RS row (that’s your extra row) and turn so that you’ll be working a WS row. Start the armhole shaping as given for the left side.