Help on instruction - P0n

Hi! I am knitting a pair of booties at the moment and am not familiar with the below instruction in Bold:

K2, yfwd, K3, [B]P03 by passing first of last 3 knitted sts over next 2 sts[/B], rep from * to last st, K1

Appreciate if anyone can shed some lights on this.


I believe PO3 stands for “Pass over three” or “Pass over third.”

It tells you what to do right there: Pass 1st of the last 3 knitted stitches over the 2nd and 3rd.

It is akin to a PSSO.

Since the yarn forward gives you an increase of one stitch, this decrease of one stitch will keep the total number of sts the same for the row and it will give a pretty pattern across the row.

Thanks very much, got it!