Help on gloves!

I have never used DPN’s before this porject, and I don’t get it.!!! The pattern calls for 48 sts cast on, (15,15,18). Ok I understand that part. 3 needles in tandem, without twisting or leaving a large space between the last and first st on each needle. But, it does not tell me how to make this a “in the round” item. How am I supposed to connect the very 1st st with the very las(48) st. ? is that very clear?

You hold things so that last stitch in the round is right next to the first one and with your fourth needle begin knitting to connect into a circle. Normally you would turn and work back, you don’t turn and work back you just start knitting the first stitch right after the last stitch and keep going around and around. There is a free video here on how it works. I believe it is under “Advanced Techniques”.

Try this video.

I just started gloves and thought I’d do dpns but gave it up and went back to the circulars. I must learn to use dpns.

Thanks so much- I watched the video on you tube, and I think I will be able to go forward . Until I get stuck again!!!

Thanks, i was turn my work around. and it was clumsy!

Here’s the video I made, showing how to knit in the round with dpns:


And here’s the one I made, when I was in the middle of knitting some gloves for the first time:


On the advanced knitting page here in KH there are videos for knitting in the round including DPN.