Help on food choices

i stopped eating meat on Jan 2007… just eat seafood and veggies.

any suggestions what to eat for balance meal ? i seems to run out of ideas … i eat alot of veggies soup but i alway buy the same veggies … it not too healthy to eat the same stuff right ?


If you’re having lots of veggies and seafood, include eating plenty dark leaf green veg (Savoy cabbage, broccoli) for their iron content.

Add small(ish) amounts of complex carbs, including wholemeal bread, pasta, and long-grain rice, to give you energy.

Eat plenty of fresh fruit for fibre and vit.C. Dried apricots are stacked with iron and a few nuts will give you essential minerals plus providing protein.

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I don’t eat meat either except for chicken. There is a really great tofu product sold at Whole Foods. It’s called more than tofu, it’s organic and it has flavors like peanut and ginger, masala curry and southwest spice. Also plenty of beans and rice and nuts. Trader Joe’s sell a line of veggie entrees called Indian Fare and they are really yummy. I serve them over jasmine rice with nan and sometimes when I’m in the mood I add some shrimp.

Tofu and beans can replace some of the proteins that you loose when you give up meat.

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Nadja xxx

i was a vegetarian for almost 10 years! so i know a thing or two about the veg balancing act… some good ‘balanced’ options that i still make, plus a favorite fish option:

veggie tacos (zucchini, peppers, squash, onion, garlic, black beans, tortillas, avocados)

blackened fish tacos (loads of black pepper, or a blackening mix; veggies like above. grill or broil the fish. pan-fry the veggies.)

tofu pita sandwiches (fry the tofu, or just buy the already-baked stuff; pita bread, cous cous, spinach, red pepper, kalamata olives, hummus, feta)

black beans and rice – easy enough.

asparagus risotto – add a handful of pine nuts for protein (toast them for a bit in a fry pan for yummy nutty flavor)

rice pilaf with nuts, dried fruit…

the list goes on. hope this helps! :hug:

Good for you for asking! If vegetarian…

Try to eat your legumes (beans, peanuts, etc.) together WITH a grain (rice, wheat, etc.) so that you can get a complete essential amino acid profile (= complete protein). Quinoa is one grain that alone has a complete amino acid profile (I think there may be another one, but it’s escaping me right now).

Another essential for vegans/vegetarians is to get your essential fatty acids (omega 3’s primarily in this country) that you may miss by not eating meat/meat products. If you do eat fish, eat the coldwater, oily ones like salmon, mackeral, tuna, etc. If not, eat lotsa walnuts and/or flaxseeds or flax oil (although gotta admit gagged when I did the oil alone, but hear others drizzle on salad or stir into oatmeal to good effect). Egg (yolks) are also an excellent source - and latest studies state you’re ok w/up to 2/day - provided you don’t have a problem w/high cholesterol. Among other things, EFA’s help with nervous system function.

It’s not a bad idea for anyone, but especially a good idea for veg’n’s, to take a multivitamin - our soil is depleted of micronutrients, so our food is too. If things that grow outta the ground are your main nutrition source, I’d supplement - just don’t go overboard! Be smart and get a balanced complete daily one.

Hope that helps!! Keep on, keepin’ being healthy!! :cheering:

Winter squashes (pumpkin, butternut, spaghetti, etc.) are very healthy and make great soups. They’re also fairly inexpensive.

Myself and my daughter are both vegan and would be happy to offer some suggestions.
It’s really easy and contrary to what some believe, you do not need to eat certain foods with other foods in order to obtain the vitamins you need.
By cutting out meat, you’re already ahead of the game and have made one of the best decisions you can ever make regarding your health.
There are so many tips and recipes I could give you but it’s pretty lengthy and don’t want to tie up the boards so PM me if you’re interested. It would be really helpful if I knew the kinds of foods that you like to eat so I can make some suggestions.