Help on following a trellis pattern w/ dec & yf

Hello, I have a question about this pattern for the cardigan i’m trying to do for my birthday and I hope someone can enlighten me…please?

The pattern goes like this:

Row 1 (RS) k2, (k2tog, k1, yf, k1, skpo, k2) to last 3 sts, k3…

Row 2 and every other row Purl. etc…

After doing a pattern of 12 rows four times the last row is decreased at each end by P2tog tbl, purl to last 2 sts, p2tog.

I was alright after a about 11 times of decreasing…and then just lost the plot :cry:.

As the pattern has to be followed throughout even with the decreases, how do I go about it? When adjusting the number of stitches from the original pattern do I count the k2tog & skpo as 2 sts off when decreased? And do I account for the yf as a st count? I hope this is all making sense because I’m really at my wits end. :wall: Please, please please! Help?


Are you saying that the full pattern requires 12 rows with different stuff going on on the odd rows each time, things you haven’t told us about? If so we might need to know what else goes on. Or do you just repeat rows 1 and 2 all the time? Is there a place we can look at the whole pattern online?

You have gone through 11 decreases, did everything work out right to that point, and does it all look good to that point? I think I need to know a little more.

Sorry, yes there are different things going on in every knit row.

Number of sts cast on 69 sts

Row 1 (RS) k2, (k2tog, k1, yf, k1, skpo, k2) to last 3 sts, k3
Row 2 and every other row Purl
Row 3 k1, *k2tog, k1, (yf, k1) twice, skpo, rep from * to last 4 sts, k4
Row 5 k3, (yf,k3,yf,k1,skpo,k1) to last 2 sts, k2
Row 7 k5, (k2tog,k1,yf,k1,skpo,k2) to lat 8 sts, k2tog, k1, yf, k1, skpo, k2
Row 9 k4, *k2tog, k1, (yf,k1) twice, skpo, rep from * to last st, k1
Row 11 K3, (k2tog, k1,yf,k3,yf,k1) to last 2sts, k2.
Row 12 Purl.

Repeat the stitch pattern (rows 1-12) four times more, working the last row: P2tog tbl, purl to last 2 sts, p2tog.

Shape Raglan maintaining the continuity of the stitch pattern throughout, working the decreases as above.

First pattern repeat: dec 1 st at both ends of the 2nd, 6th & 10th rows.

2nd pattern repeat: dec 1 st at both ends of the 2nd, 6th, 10th & 12th rows.

3rd pattern repeat: dec 1 st at both ends of the 2nd, 4th, 6th rows.

…and then I got lost.

4th pattern repeat: dec 1 st at both ends of the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th rows.

5th repeat: dec on 2nd, 4th, and 6th rows (31 sts left)

The pattern is not available online I’m afraid. And it looked correct until that point.

I’m sorry it’s quite long but I would be really really grateful for some help. Thanks.


Hopefully, I can try to make it simpler.

When you are on the knit row after the purl decreases, make sure that you have an increase for every decrease.

One way to help you keep track is to put markers on the outside edges of your complete repeats. Then you can work the outer-edge stitches in a way that will give you the correct count. If you’re missing a yo, don’t do a k2tog or skp.

Once you use up those stitches, if you have more decreases, move the markers in to the edge of the previous pattern repeat.

Does that help?


I wanted to help you, but I’m afraid I’m not going to be much help. I guess that you are making the back of the cardigan and the trouble is the raglan shaping, keeping in pattern.

Maybe what Ingrid said sheds some light, I didn’t get it myself. She said something about making sure you have an increase on the knit rows to match each decrease you did on the purl rows. I may be misunderstanding her, but it seems like if you did that you would lose your decrease and not get any shaping. :shrug:

Noticing that your pattern is an 8 stitch repeat +5, I cast on 29 and worked two pattern repeats doing the first decrease on my second row 12. I wanted to see what the stitch looked like and what I could learn. Some pattern repeats are fairly easy to “read” and tell what you need to do next. This one is not in this category for me. :cry:

Working with the assumption that you would lose one stitch each side with each decrease I tried to figure out what you would do. I didn’t get as far as you did. :ick:

I wonder if it would be any help to you for you to try to chart this pattern out with graph paper so you can see what is happening. If you can see where you are in the repeat you can do whatever needs to be done next. Then you would just keep decreasing as they tell you to, and then reading the pattern, and doing whatever is up next with the stitches you have left. If you needed to you could do st. st. for a stitch or two and then pick up the pattern.

You asked some very good questions in your first post, “…do I count the k2tg & skpo as 2 sts off when decreased?” Since you do all your decreasing on the purl side, maybe you just decrease what is coming up next and not worry what it was. I’m not sure though. “And do I count the yf as a st counts?” Since you count the Yfs as stitches everywhere else, maybe so. I told you I wasn’t much help. :shifty:

But sometimes having some input can give you an idea of how to solve your own problem and that is what ends up having to happen much of the time. Perhaps you could take this problem to a “live” person, maybe at your LYS if they have an expert. Or maybe you can get more help here from Ingrid or someone else. I’m sorry I couldn’t come up with an easy answer. :pout: Merigold

Thanks Ingrid and Merigold. To be quite honest I wasn’t sure how I got that far and then get stuck. I’m thinking I was very lucky and have been praying very hard to get the right number of stitches in every batch of decrease.

I’m going to follow both your advise—place marker, watch out for yo and maybe try and chart the pattern.

Again, thank you ever so much for both your help. I trully appreciate it.


Charting is very helpful. Just remember that if you’re missing or having an extra stitch on the edge some places, it really won’t matter as long as the main part of the sweater is lined up properly.

Thanks! I’ll try that. The problem with me being a new knitter—and a very ambitious one for tackling a complicated project as such—is that I’m obsessed with constantly counting sts to the dot. I feel guilty and sorry for my husband sometimes for glaring at him when he so much as try to interrupt me when I’m religiously doing my counts! Poor man!

By the way, I managed to finish the back of the cardigan. Fingers crossed, I’m hoping to start the next stage with less panic. =D

Thanks again for the advise. :slight_smile: