help on fisherman's stitch method and bask2p+bk3og

I am knitting collar no1 by Myfavouritethings.knitwear and it is my first time knitting fisherman’s rib.

The pattern tells you to ‘k1b, p1’ for rs and k all sts for ws (knitting back and fourth)
However the video instruction this designer has linked on the instruction is showing different method of doing Fishermans rib, using the false English rib? so there is ‘yarn over’ included when knitting knit stitches. I wasn’t sure of how to do this and decided to ‘k1b, p1’ instead.
(just in case you want to check the video:

But then, there are bask2p and bk3tog techniques this designer is trying to describe with the false English rib method which gets me so confusing:

bk3tog: K2tog (the knit stitch with yarn over, and the following purl stitch), slip the resulting stitch back onto the left needle. Now pass the following stitch (a knit stitch with yarn over) over the first stitch on the left needle. Move the resulting stitch back to the right needle. (2 stitches decreased).

bsk2p: Slip the k stitch with yarn over knitwise, k2tog (a purl stitch followed by a knit stitch with yarn over), pass the slipped stitch with yarn over over the resulting stitch. Move the resulting stitch back to the right needle. (2 stitches decreased).

(video linked on the pattern:

I tried to find how to do bk3tog and bask2p for people using ‘k1b, p1’ method but couldn’t find any information on YouTube. Would I just have to ignore the yarn over part and try to do the same or are the methods different?

Here’s a video for decreases in fisherman’s rib.

The pattern you’re following seems to be combining brioche stitch with fisherman’s rib. They’re worked differently although the result looks similar.

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Thanks. if the result looks similar, are there actual difference on the stitches between brioche and fisherman’s rib? I am not still sure why the pattern tells to do fisherman’s rib but has a video link about brioche and shows brioche’s increases… Can I use the dec method in the video above for both bk3tog and bask2p then?
I feel like I want to start over again…:confused:

There are differences in the way the stitches are worked although the end result is the same. This is a link to the Brioche Home page and Fisherman’s rib in particular. If you look at One Color Brioche you can compare the way that the sts are made.

I don’t know why a pattern for Fisherman’s would give you decreases in Brioche. That’s curious but a question for the designer.
Try out the decreases with some scrap yarn before you rip anything out. I’m not sure what you’re thinking of doing differently?

Thank you. what I meant by doing differently was maybe I’ll do as the video shows (the video the designer shared on the pattern, introducing it as fisherman’s rib, but apparently different to what she has written to do). If I make the rib using yarn over, maybe it will get easier when it comes to bsk2p and bk3tog. I have never done these decreases before so I am not sure how it is meant to look like (only briefly by looking at the finished garment).

I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply I could not find the notes I had saved on this topic until tonight. there is a graphic in the article showing the difference in the stitches then there are notes on the stitches. This article explains the sbk2p and the bk3tog as used for the Collar in the Purl Soho Brioche Vest Pattern. Basic Brioche Stitch Decrease Purl Soho