Help on finding a pattern

for a bride and groom doll

im fairly new to knitting (been doing it for 3 weeks)

so far i have made two baby bonnets (from a pattern), a blanket, a teddy (from a pattern) and an areoplane (my on design)

Its my parent in laws 40th wedding anniversary on the 15th October and id like to make them a bride and groom because when i married their son she made me one and they never got one for their wedding

so any ideas where i might find a pattern for something like this please id be greatful

I am not too fussed on design or size so im open to lots of ideas

have tried looking on google but cant seem to find anything (altho does not help when you have a 2 yr old pushing buttons on your computer lol)

thanks again all


What I’m guessing you might have to do is knit two “generic” dolls then knit a tuxedo and a wedding dress separately for each of them. Do you have an idea of how big you want the dolls to be?

I did find this pattern for a Sindy, or Barbie-type doll

This one also has some things way near the bottom under 1" Scale Adult patterns. Maybe the soldier one could be made in black?

thank you

am just after a “medium” sized one ish

id say about 8 inches big or there abouts

just after a pretty bog standard doll… sort of jelly baby type doll that i can add a dress to the one and a suit to the other :slight_smile:

(okay so im asking a lot lol)