help on doing sleeves?

Hi was wondering if someone could help? i am doing sleeves for a cardigan, first cardigan ever lol. The pattern is: for 2 and 3rd size. I am doing 3rd size, 31 stitches. 1st row,knit, 2nd row, purl, 3rd row, Inc in 1st st, K[5,6], (ywfd,s1,k1,psso,k6) twice,yfwd,s1,k1,psso, k[3,4], inc in next st, k1.
so iv done this twice now and i seem to be ending up with more stitches than the pattern ie when i get to the k1 at the end i still have 3 stitches left. can anyone help???

Welcome, Jan!
Are you increasing in a stitch, that is, using up a stitch to make the increase rather than increasing between sts? A knit front and back (kfb) will work for example.
As I understand it the row is:
3rd row, Inc in 1st st, K6, (ywfd,s1,k1,psso,k6) twice,yfwd,s1,k1,psso, k4, inc in next st, k1.
That uses 31sts and should leave you with 33sts once the row is finished.

ah yes thats what i have been doing!!! i will try the kfb tommorow. Thank you so very much for your help! :slight_smile: