Help on cables

Hi All — Happy 4th!
I am knitting a sweater from Knitting the New Classics book - specifically the Banjo Cable pullover. I am having trouble understanding the double cable pattern:

the row in question : p2, sl nex 3 to cn, hold back, k3 (k1, p1, k1 from cable), sl next 3 st to cn, hold in front (p1,k1,p1) from cn, k3, p2.

The second cable here make no sense to me…I put stitches on a cn — but then (p1,k1,p1) from the cn without doing anything first.

Am I reading this wrong? Has anyone made this sweater?

Any help much appreciated.


There may be a comma in the wrong place and some words missing; for the 2nd cable - sl next 3 st to cn, hold in front (p1,k1,p1 [I]from the L needle[/I]), from cn k3, p2.

that sounds likely, suzeeq.
The cables are a smooth stochinette band over a pearl pattern or rib pattern (depending on the back row).