Help on an old pattern

I’m working on a 1899 pattern. I start the bodice and the instruction goes: p2, on the front and also on the back off the next loop, knit a stitch.
Does this mean knit a twisted stitch? I just want to make sure.
and also, there’s a part that says: increase by knitting a stitch on the loop at the base off the next stitch. What does that increasing style called?
I’m including a pic of the part the instruction suppose to create

If you’re to purl in the front and back of the next stitch then I think it’s a pfb. I can’t see the photo well enough (enlarging it just made it less focused) to guess based on it.

Unless it’s really important to follow the pattern as written you can use whatever increase you prefer that works for you and looks good.

thank you! rereading the pattern I think it’s a kfb
and the photo is quite blurry as it’s more than 100 yrs old :frowning:

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You’re welcome. If it turns out to be wrong someone else will have an idea. Roxanne Richardson on You Tube has addressed her challenges with very old patterns. If using them is a big interest of yours you might want to see what she’s got in her videos. In case you’re interested I’ll drop a link here. I hope you’ll post photos of your work.


This sounds like a right lifted increase which is a very nice, almost invisible increase:


thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

To me, this sounds like a ‘knit one below’ the next stitch. But as I search and review videos I see ‘this is not the increase you’re looking for.’ :shushing_face:

Here is what was I thinking. “Knit in Stitch Below (Lifted Increase)” shown in this video here.