Help on a Sweater

Okay I am working on the front of a cardigan sweater. The pattern says to make two, reversing shaping… okay

well it says:

work 94 rows in St st
BO 7 sts at side edge (on the first one i BO 7 on row 95 (the knit side)

so on the reversing I have to bind off on the purl side right? okay if that is correct do I bind off on row 94 or 96?

next question: then on the decreasing do i keep it on the knit side (at the end of the row instead of the begining) like the first piece or does it matter?

I hope my question is understandable!!!

Thanks so much

You can bind off on the purl row, which one really doesn’t matter, as long as it’s at the beginning of the row.

As for the decreasing, yes, you’re plan is correct.