Help on a santa hat pattern please!


I have been knitting about a week, so pardon any “obvious” questions I ask! LOL!

I am working on a Santa hat pattern from the Lion Brand website. I am finished and it didn’t turn out right AT ALL! I am pretty sure that I know where I went wrong, but I just want to double check with people that have a clue about what is going on. Sorry in advance for my wordiness! Here is what the pattern said:


With MC, cast on 26 (46, 50) sts. Work in St st until piece measures 1 (4, 5) inches from beg. Dec 1 st each end every RS row until 2 sts remain. Break yarn, leaving a long tail to sew seam. Draw through remaining 2 sts, pull tightly, and fasten securely.


Divide CC into 3 equal balls. With 3 strands of CC held tog and RS facing, pick up and knit 26 (46, 50) sts along cast on edge of Hat. Knit 6 rows. Bind off all sts loosely. Sew Hat seam.
I started off fine. When I reached the four inch point I started to do garter stitch. Is that right? It says to do Stockinette for 4", but then doesn’t tell you how to continue- is that normal in a pattern? If it doesn’t say then do you assume garter stitch? The decreases then- I decreased one stitch at each end of my knit lines while doing the stockinette area for a total of two decreases every other line- one at the beginning and one at the end. Is that correct? Now I am fairly positive this is where I went the wrongest- when I started garter stitching after the 4" section then I started to decrease at the beginning and end of each line thinking that they were all right side.

Also, for the cuff- wouldn’t it be easier to just start with the cuff and change threads? Or should I do the cuff separately and sew it on later. I don’t really understand how to use the original cast on to start the cuff. Maybe I am confused about this also?

So tell me- where did I butcher this pattern? I guess I needed more detail in the pattern, are some patterns more detailed then others or is this type easy beginner pattern the norm?

Thanks for any help!

I’m not sure if this is right, but if I see a pattern that has decreases that don’t specify a “pattern” I would use the previous pattern…

So I would St st for 4 inches, then continue for the rest of the hat doing the decreases… course… that’s just me… I could be wrong and I would probably do it wrong my self :slight_smile:


I agree with Norman, unless it tells you to switch to garter, you should stay in the previous pattern (in this case stockinette). You decrease on each side of the right side, which is the knit side (the side with the little v’s on it).

As for the cuff, you probably could do it seperately and sew it on, but they want you to pick up stitches from the bottom of the hat. You can see how to do that on Amy’s video on this page:

I’m totally out of it… sorry to hijak and go off topic… I just noticed your name… and that you were new…


As well, are you in Iowa? If so what part? I’m in Iowa… Check out the KnitingHelp Locator Map too :slight_smile: that’s fun…

Anyway … we return you to your regularly scheduled HOW TO post…

Thanks Norman and Mer! I am sure you are probably right! I am going to do that and see how it works out. I think I was expecting more detail in the pattern. Thanks for helping me out, I definitely appreciate it!

Thanks for the welcome, Norman! Yes, I am new! I just learned to knit last week and am surprised by how quickly I have improved- although I realize I am not anywhere close to being good at it yet! I think it just looks intimidating when you first start out. I live in Waverly now (I just added that to my profile), but previously lived in Waterloo. My dh works for John Deere which is how we ended up here. We are K-Staters from KS originally! Iowa really is a nice state. I see you are in Cedar Rapids- lots of good shopping down that way! LOL!

Thanks again!

I am off to try again on the Santa hat!