Help - Novice Pattern Knitter

Help PLEASE!!!
I am new to knitting by pattern and there is a line in my pattern that I do not understand. It says, work 1 WS row even the project us currently set to knit the next row on the right side. Please help!!! Thanks, Alicia a.k.a Novice Knitter

basically it is just telling you to knit a row…no added fancy stuff…just straight knit. And it is a wrong side row (usually the INSIDE of a garment.)

So, even though I am on the right side I should knit the right side???

I think that if you are up to this part of the instructions and you are ready to do a right side row, you might have missed something somewhere. Could you post a link to the pattern, or tell us what you have been doing up to this point?

Also, when a pattern says to ‘work even’, it usually means that you are to work that row with no decreases or increases.

depending on the pattern, my inclination would be to just knit another row in the current patter so that the NEXT row would be that wrong side row and go from there. Or i might be inclined to knit back a row for the same reason…just to get to the point where i would be able to knit that row on the wrong side.

But that won’t work with allll patterns (well i would make it work prolly but i am lazy! :teehee: )

Thanks…here is a link to the pattern‘pea%20pod%20baby%20set’

I am knitting the sweater and am on page 1 left column 11th line under the sweater body. Thanks Again…this is the best website ever!!!

ok. i got it.

the button hole row is work on the RS of the sweater. it says work in pattern to the end of the row. I read over that the first few times.

the next row is the WS row that you’re supposed to do "at the same time"
i don’t know why they specify “at the same time” since you would do that next.
but it says work 1 WS row even to finish bottom rib chart. if theis is the last row of the rib chart, then it is the 8th row which is a WS row.