HELP! Not sure how to move forward with this pattern

I am so confused about this pattern. I’ve worked the short rows, but then it says work back and forth rows …but the number of stitches for the back and forth rows is not enough to go completely across.

I’ve attached a photo of where I am stuck at row 14. It’s saying is a back and forth row, but if I follow the number of stitches, it’s basically another short row.

(I know I twisted a bunch of stitches. Knitting with toddlers is ill advised.)

Welcome to the forum!
The short rows are going to form the front neckline of the sweater. From now on you’ll be knitting back and forth with a new selvedge stitch at the neck edge. These sts will form the front side of the neck and the shoulder.
It seems like the pattern has you transfer the front neckline sts to a US4 needle and work on them at that point. Read a little further to the line where it refers to the “Transfer …”

Thank you so much. I thought that might be the case, but it’s my first garment and I was doubting myself!

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