Help! Not sure how to correct this

I am working on a basic rolled brim hat and I’ve got about 5 inches done (with 8 circ needles using CO 90 and then straight knit stitch each row) when I somehow made a mistake that I don’t know how to fix. The most frustrating part is that I have absolutely no idea how it happened - I mean, I was paying close attention and suddenly things didn’t look right. Here’s what it looks like (forgive the lack of photos - I haven’t figured out how to re-size and upload photos - when I do, this site says the files are invalid - a problem hopefully for another day!):

I have neat rows of st st on each side of the mistake row and the mistake row itself looks like a dropped stitch - it’s got about 12 vertical ‘ladders’ but there is NO dropped stitch at the bottom and when I tried to fix it like a dropped stitch (because I have no idea what else to do), two things happened: first, there was a big hole UNDER where I began picking up the stitch and working vertically up the row and also there is NO row to speak of to work up to - that whole row should be the little horizontal bands that hold st st together but it’s as though they’ve gotten much wider somehow. The widest is at the top (about an inch wide) and the ones below it are successively narrower.

Any ideas on if this is fixable before i have to seriously frog it out? :frog:

If there isn’t a stitch at the bottom, could you have accidentally picked up a stitch with an extra wrap somewhere that you have now accidtally dropped? If so you could maybe pick up to where the ladder is and then k2tog in order to correct the number of stitches that you have on your needles.

the other question is did you accidentally stick your needle in below the stitch or between 2 stitches? I caught myself doing this once when i got overconfident and tried to hold a conversation with my 2 monsters while knitting.

Jessetfan…I will try this and see if it works…it is the strangest thing! I mean, although I am new to knitting, I can usually tell what the basic problem is even if I haven’t a clue how to fix it without a book or video or friend’s help!

Huskies…that is a possibility too, I suppose. I’ll check it out.

Last night I was so cranky about this…things were going along great and then wham - a problem. Kind of like life, I guess. You can sit and whine about it or try to problem-solve. I figure the worst-case is that I have to backtrack - I still have more done than before I ever started and I’ve learned a lot - so it’s not a big deal. I still want to know HOW it happened, though, so I can troubleshoot if/when it occurs again.

THANKS for your help - I’ll keep you posted! :muah: