Help! None of my circular needles are labeled!

The way I started knitting was that I bought a HUGE lot (like a room-ful) of crafty stuff from an old guy (his wife had run off and left a bunch of stuff behind).

Anyhow, part of what I bought is a TON of knitting needles and such, which inspired me to start knitting…

There are several sets of circular needles in there, and I would love to learn to knit in the round, but the needles have NO labels on them at all…

Most of them are plastic needles… maybe that is why?

Is there any way at all to tell what size the darn things are? Can I slap a measuring tape on there with any success?


You can use a needle sizer to determine the actual needle size. The link is to Knit Picks, but you can pick them up at Michaels or Joanns, too.

To measure the length of the cable just measure from needle tip to needle tip.

BTW…has anyone ever used THESE? They look like they’d be pretty handy.

I am going to order these to label my circs…it will make life much easier :wink:

<sniff> This is why I love you guys!

Thanks for the tip, I’m going to drop by Hobby Lobby tonight and pick one of those needle gauge checkers up!

Those labels for circular needles sure look handy.

The big question I have is…
What knitter in her right mind would leave her man, and not take her knitting stuff with her??? Hmmm Hmmm?

Oh God! She must be buried in his basement!!! :roflhard:

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Gotta be… is there a CSI episode to refer to here? :roflhard:

oh those circular needle labels are great!

I dont know why they dont label them like they label straight needles…

The cables of Addi’s have the mm size printed on them. It’s really tiny, but it’s there.

Believe me, I have spent many hours pondering that very thing!

I just poke the needle through an index card and measure the hole with my yellow plastic ruler.

That is such a great idea! I try to keep my sizer thingy in the same place, but it travels. I actually have two, but one is apparently lost in space. I never thought of making a hole and measuring. :doh: Now if I could only find my ruler. :thinking:

Those labeler thingies look VERRRY lose-able to me! They are TINY!

A cheaper way to label your circular needles: use a permanent marker and make a circle for each needle size (ex. size 7- 7 marks around needle).

Those tags are really cute!

That’s a good idea, but doesn’t it rub off? I’d be afraid it would leave marks on the yarn!

I used nail polish to “colour code” my double-ended crochet hooks. I just painted a stripe around it, or for the larger ones, “wrote” the size. When the polish started to wear, I would put on another coat. Even though it does wear off, it’s not fast enough to stain yarn or anything. I haven’t tried it with any of my circs yet, but I’d probably do it at the join, rather than on the tip.