Help newbie


I’m new but i have a question and i’m knitting a baby blanket and i decided to go with knit 2 purl 2 and i love it. ok but as it turned out that i’ve made it too small so i was wondering by any chance if i add on so it could be a little wider . thanks. fancy

Perhaps u could knit a couple of panels that are more narrow than the blanket, then seam them all together :wink: You could do them in another stitch, which would look quite nice, I think…look like u planned it that way :wink:

ok thanks i would have to try that but before i add should i bind off ?


FancyFace, yes, bind off. Amy has really good videos of picking up stitches from all sides (cast on, bound off, and selvedges). That way you can knit directly from the piece already done - on the sides the knitting will be perpendicular - but that could add some really interesting texture. I tried it for the first time on a baby cardigan a few weeks ago and it really was not difficult. Have fun learning.


Thanks so much yes i started knitting my blanket thinking i might like it smaller :XX: . And now opening it and see the outcome i’ve had a changed of heart :heart: . i will look at the video’s and try something new :smiley: .
thank so much :thumbsup: you have saved me :happydance: