Help - newbie scarf unraveling

Help! I just finished a scarf for my daughter. When I went back to the knitting shop owner who was helping teach me to knit, she’d gone out of business! I finished it based on what I could find on the internet, but now it is unraveling. Any suggestions? She loves this scarf.


Unraveling how, from the bound off edge? Or a dropped stitch that got missed? A picture would help.

I think from the bound off edge (I’m not exactly sure what that means). It’s the end I finished with - the scarf is coming unraveled from that end. The yarn just keeps getting longer and longer. Not sure how to post a picture - sorry!


Then you didn’t secure the bindoff well enough. Put the sts back on the needle and bind off again. Hopefully you didn’t cut the tail too short, but if you did, then sew it down with the same color thread.

Thank you so much!