Help! Newbie: My working yarn is below my last stitch?

Hi everyone,
Just took an intro to knitting class and we’re supposed to have 20 inches by the next class (eep!). Somehow I knitted the last 3 stitches and now my working yarn is in a loop below my last stitch. What did I do and how do I fix it? Thanks for all the help! There’s 2 images attached so you can see what I did.

It looks like you just missed knitting or purling the last stitch. Put the work in your right hand instead of left and hold the empty needle in your left hand. Then slip the non worked stitch off. If the next stitch with the working yarn isn’t knit or purled correctly insert the needle into the loop and pull the working yarn out then redo those last two stitches. There may be a video for this in the videos under tips or fixing mistakes. I’ll see if I can find it.

Oh my gosh, you are amazing! So simple but I would have never realized it! :cheering: :muah: