Help... new to circular knitting

hi i’m new to knitting help as well…i’m lara from calgary alberta…
i’m trying to make neckwarmers on circular needles with a pattern i found online…but i’m revising it to make the neck part ribbed…i’ve got 96 stitches cast on…and on the second time around when i’ve k1,p1 or k2,p2 it seems that my pattern is reversed… i start on a k end in a purl and since i’m not turning my work around like on straight needles i just thought i was supposed to continue the next row with a k and end in a p…but it looks like i’m heading into a woven pattern…should i start my next row with a p and end in a k?..will that fix it?..i’ve ripped out my project at least 8 times so far thinking it was a counting error…but i’m convinced it’s not…but my head hurts from counting to 96 so many times…what am i getting wrong??..thanks lara:wall:

It should work. For k2,p2 you need a multiple of 4, for k1,p1 you need a multiple of 2 and you have that with 96. Are you sure you didn’t make an extra purl or knit somewhere?

here’s the link to the pattern i’m using…it’s kind’ve a guideline really…

one time i did have an extra stitch but i’ve since counted and recounted just to make sure…and haven’t had stitch amount issues since…

When you get to the next round, just make the same stitch as the one below it. If it’s a knit, knit it; if it’s a purl, purl it.

Think of knitting in a circle as one big spiral because really that’s what it is. You don’t really have to turn anything just keep going and going like the energizer bunny. However I do agree I would make the ribbing a little further apart then just one. I’m making up a hat pattern now as I go and I’m making the ribbing far apart k5 p5 the longer it gets the more it makes sense and you can see the knit places and the purled spots. (knit spots will look like stock knit and the purled spots look like garter but it depends on how you look at it too)

Another thing to help with the stitch count is put stitch markers every 10 or 20 stitches. that will make it easier to make sure you haven’t added or lost any stitches.

After you get an inch or so of length, it’ll be much easier to see at a glance the pattern and know if you’re off anywhere.

You mentioned both k1 p1 and k2 p2 ribbing in your post. Which are you actually doing?

As already mentioned, since you’re knitting in the round you just do the exact same thing as the previous round. Knit the knits and purl the purls.

thanks everyone…i’m still not sure what happened…but i tried it in my cotton yarn just so i could see things clearer…the join was funny (used some directions from some other site–i guess i didn’t quite understand them right)…i went back and did it with the direction from the advanced techniques here and had no problems…lara

You may be experiencing the same problem that took all night to resolve. When using the circular needles, you need to bring your yarn between the the needles to the front before you purl and take it to the back before knitting. Hope that helps.

Hm, I always pay attention to cast on so that I end with a purl stitch when doing 1x1 ribbing, so I just knit, then purl, all the way through, …