HELP! New pattern

I am trying to make a Coming Home poncho for my daughter but I cannot figure out what (k1, p1) in yo means or how to do it. I have started over 3 times already. HELP!!! I am ready to give up.

Do you have a link to the pattern or can you share some of it so those who know can help?

On the previous row, you did a yarn over. On this row, they want you to knit and purl into that one yo stitch. Knit into it but don’t slide it off, then move your yarn forward between your needles and purl into the same stitch. Then slide it off.

The pattern is from the Lion Brand (free patterns) website. I was supposed to be decreasing more than I was increasing but by the time I realized it, I had over 300 stitches on my needles and I started out with only 72. I can’t believe that I did not realize it until then. The pattern says to work the Mock Granny stitch which has the (k1, p1) in yo in it but it is not working. I can’t figure it out.

Are you doing all the k2togs and p2togs when you’re supposed to? Those are your decreases.

I thought I did exactly like the pattern said. I am definitely doing something very wrong. I have started over on this thing three times now. I am ready to give up.