Help new knitter

If a pattern read with 2 strands of yarn held tog - What does that mean. Also on material list it tells me that I need 30 oz. of worsted weight yarn (Note: two strands of yarn used throughout)

The video here is good at showing knitting two colors together.

It shows 3 different techniques. I’m sure the knitting wonders here can help you as well. I usually head for the video library (on the tabs at the top of the web page) when I’m confused about something.

You’re not going to be knitting with 2 different colors as the techniques Angela linked to. You just hold 2 strands together and knit them as if they were one strand. The 2 worsted weight will be about a bulky or super bulky equivalent.

I’ve made a blanket with two strands held together. My hands hurt so bad after awhile. I swore I’d never, ever do that again.

It helps if you’re using a larger needle. Some mittens and hats are knit double stranded with the same needle you’d use for the single strand so it’s thick and dense. Which it is, but it is hard on your hands.