Help new knitter

I have 18 st cast on
Rib 2 rib 2tog,(rib4,rib2 tog)2 times rib 2 15 st

Can you tell us the name of he pattern and provide a link please? That helps a lot when you ask questions because there are a bazillion patterns out there. :slight_smile:

James c Brett JB 172 is there a way to upload a picture?

@salmonmac Iā€™m finding the way this is written confusing can you help?

Sure, these kind of instructions are often confusing.
Rib 2sts means to work these 2sts as you have been doing. Look at the columns of knits and purls and make sure you continue the pattern. When it says rib2tog, work either a knit 2 together or a purl 2 together.
So for the beginning of the row, Rib 2 would be k1, p1. For the rib2tog, knit the next 2sts (a knit and a purl stitch) together. Then the rib 4 would be k1, p1, k1, p1 etc. There are 3 decreases total.

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