Help! New knitter here!

Hi everyone,
I am very new to serious knitting, although I do know how to cast on, knit and purl.
I started with a very simple project, a dishcloth.
I thought that maybe knitting would help to relax me, as my life right now is very stressful.
However, the dishcloth is not going as it should, and it is very frustrating to me, as this looked so simple.
It is not a square at all! It is progressively getting smaller, and from what I am reading of the instructions, I don’t see how it could stay square! :??
Briefly here are the instructions (from Leisure Arts- I can’t believe I’m knitting!)
Cast on 44 sts. in blue
Rows 1-4: Knit across; at end of row 4 do not cut blue
Row 5: With white K1, [YO, K2 tog] across to last stitch, K1
Row 6: Knit across, do not cut white.
Rows 7-10 With blue knit across do not cut blue.
Repeat rows 5-10, 11 times.

So, I was fine until the end of row 5. At the end, I did not have 1 stitch to K1, I had 2 stitches left. I also no longer had 44 stitches on my needle I had 23. Which to me is obvious if I knit 2 together all the way across, I will have only half, so how could it possibly end up square?!! And, also, is there a different way to knit in 2 colors, so that I don’t have 2 balls of yarn at all times?
I just feel like a dummy, and know I must be doing something wrong. I haven’t checked out the videos yet, I figured I’d ask my questions, then all you experts could point me in the right direction! I have a feeling I will love this, once I figure out what I’m doing! :knitting:

Are you doing the YO (yarn over) correctly? K2 is definitely a decrease, but when you YO you’re adding a stitch, so you should end up with the same amount at the end of your dishcloth. A YO is simply bringing the yarn in front and to the back of the needle to create a new stitch.
You don’t HAVE to keep both colours at the same time, but if you cut it and rejoin them, you’ll have a LOT of ends to weave in. It’s a lot easier to just leave them hanging.
Another option would be to just forget about using two colours this time and just use one. I know I wouldn’t have been able to use two colours when knitting when I started.
You may have to frog it (rip it back) and start again.
Congratulations on starting to knit! I know it can seem stressful at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be relaxed and zen!

You do yo, k2tog, yo k2tog repeated across, not just the k2tog; that’s why you ended up with only 23 sts. I agree on just using 1 color; it’ll be less confusing.


Well that makes sense!~ No wonder! Well thank you Sue for pointing that out to me, I don’t mind tearing out and starting over, now that I know it will work!
(Sometimes I think menopause is making me lose brain cells by the minute!) :wink: