HELP - Needle info

I am seeking information on a set of steel knitting needles with the words “Liberty” and “Victory” stamped on the stitch stop at the end. The needles contain the words “Acieral Pat. Pending” stamped on the shaft of the needles. I am trying to determine if the needles belonged to my mother or grandmother by the age of them. So far I can’t determine anything because I can’t find any information about them. All help is greatly appreciated.

I hope you can find out more about them. The words “Liberty” and “Victory” make me think of WW1 or WW2 eras. That’s not much help I’m afraid even if it’s pertinent.

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
The Acieral Company of America (New York City) seems to have been in operation before 1917-1920. They made a silver-white aluminum alloy called acieral that was used in automobile parts (and probably knitting needles). Yours certainly could be a World War I product. I couldn’t find any reference to the company after the early 1920s.