Help needed!

Hi all
I need help with a pattern.

This is my second knitted item and I am struggling to understanding the pattern.

Here goes:

I am working the Left Front and have knitted to the point that I need to shape the armholes and this is what the pattern says:

Keeping pattern correct, cast off 2 sts at beg of next row.

Dec one st at beg (armhole edge) in alt rows until 23 sts rem.

Now I have cast off 2 and worked to end of row.

Here I wonder whether I have to work another row and then on next row dec 1 st at beg (is this alt row) and then work remainder of the row and then work 1 row normally then dec 1 st at beg??

Could someone translate this for me!?

Yes, work another row and then do the decrease at the beginning of the next (right side) row. Then finish the row, turn and work another row, then turn and do a decrease and continue in this way. That’ll be every other row (alt. rows).