Help needed

Looking for a little help. I have been knitting for a little over a year and thought I was ready to start a project that was not a scarf. This is my first post so, sorry if it is not clear.
My current project has me confused. I am knitting a hooded carrying bag for baby. The back, front and sleeves are all worked in one piece. So far, I have completed the back and sleeves so it is about 22 inches long at this point.
For the sleeves the pattern extended to 114 sts so it instructed to change to circular needles. Now it is time to start dividing for the front (there will be a zipper eventually) and shaping the neck. This is where I am lost. The pattern reads:
Next row (right side) with size 7 needles, k43, turn and cont on these sts for right front leaving rem sts on the circular needle
Next row (wrong side) Kfb, k to end. 44 sts.
K 1 row
Rep the last 2 rows once more. 45 sts.
Next row cast on 2 sts, k to end. 47 sts.
K 1 row
it continues on from there.

Here are my questions:
am I continuing on the size 7 needles and leaving the stuff on the circular needles alone until later in the pattern when it comes back to that?
what is the wrong side
Kfb = knit ito front and back of next st (WHAT DOES THAT MEAN)
HOW DOES IT GO FROM k43 to 44sts and then 44sts to 45 sts (I see how it goes from 45 to 47 but not the previous two steps).

I put it down about two weeks ago becuase I don’t know where to go next.
Any help is appreciated.

Yes, you use size US7. You complete a wrong side row. Turn the work to RS. Knit 43 stitches-which brings you the the center front of the carrier. The rest of the stitches for the other half will be worked later. You can put them onto a stitch holder. Looks like a big safety pin. That gets them out of your way.

Garter stitch looks the same on both sides. So pick which ever side looks prettiest. Put a safety pin on whatever you choose as the right side to help you remember.

So the pattern reads like this.
RS-Knit 43 (takes you to center of carrier.)
WS-increase 1 stitch by working into the front & back of the same stitch (kfb.) Knit to end (43+1=44st.) This increase is probably to shape the hoodie part.
RS-Knit 44
Repeat the last 2 rows (44+1=45st.)
Next row (WS)-cast on 2 stitches which will be at center front (45+2=47st.)

Make sense?

Making more sense now. Thanks. But…what do you mean by "working into the front & back of the same stitch"
I so appreciate the help. My knitting club is meeting next week but I dont want to wait until then to get back into it.

Here is a video. It is a bar increase half way down the page.