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Hi. I am new to your forum and wondered how this instruction on sleeve shaping should be interpreted…

‘Working K2togtbl at beginning of row, cast off 4 stitches, K to last 2 stitches k2tog’. It’s the first bit I don’t understand. I’ve done this and ended up with an ‘eyelet, type look with nothing similar the other end. Any help would be gratefully received

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What is the name of your pattern and designer?
Working the knit two together through the back loop is giving the eyelet effect? What part of the pattern is this?

Hi. Thanks for the quick reply. It’s Animal Hand Puppets knitted in King Cole Moments DK. 9027. I’m making the sleeves for the chimpanzee. I just can’t see what purpose this hole serves, and there isn’t one the other side.

It might help if you can post a photo. The ktogtbl shouldn’t give an eyelet or hole. It’s going to be similar to the k2tog but with a left slant.
The two sides may be different or may balance out in later rows depending on the design.

By k2togtbl first then casting off 4 stitches it’s going to make a hole when you do the next row. I wondered if the ‘working’ word means you somehow have to incorporate that decrease within that casting off somehow. Hope the picture is ok. I can do it again if nescessary
After you stockinette stitch of the 7 rows, the next two rows work as a pair to give you an approximately symmetrical sleeve. There is the k2togtbl at the beginning of the row and the cast off of 4 with the row ending at k2tog. The next row has the cast off of 4.
Yes, the k2togtbl is part of the cast off. Work the k2togtbl, knit one, lift the first stitch (the k2togtbl) over the second and off the needle and proceed with the cast off. The two ends of the sleeve will effectively mirror each other.
If the k2togtbl is giving a hole, substitute an ssk or even a k2tog. The latter slants right but will not be obvious after the cast off.
Just in case:

Thank you for taking the trouble to explain in such detail. It was the gap between the k2togtbl and then casting off 4 stitches that was creating the hole. I’ll attempt to incorporate these two instructions together when I do the second sleeve. I think the sleeve is also the body of the puppet. It’s my first inroad into toy knitting. Hopefully I’ll get better at understanding. Again, many thanks.


If it’s still not working out, come back and ask again. These toys aren’t the easiest projects even though they are relatively small. There’s usually lots of shaping needed with a mix of techniques.
I’m sure you’ll be able to work through but if not, we’re here.

:slightly_smiling_face: Thanks

Knit 2 together through the back loops