Help needed

I am just coming to the end of rib pattern for a sleeve, I have 33 stitches and I need to increase 4 stitches evenly along the row, first question where do I increase, 2 question how do I increase, do I pick up the loop between stitches or do I knit into a stitch?

What is the name of your pattern? Are you knitting the sleeve back and forth or in the round?

You could increase about every 6-8sts depending on where you prefer to start your increases. These increases don’t have to be exactly distributed, just not clumped in one area of the sleeve.
If you would like there are knitting calculators online like this one:

Either of the methods you’ve mentioned, picking up the strand between sts or increasing in a stitch will work nicely. You can increase in either the purl or knit sts as you prefer.

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Thank you