Help needed

Hi All
Can you help me?

My daughter is driving me crazy cause she wants me to.make her this tunic. I have tried to find a pattern but have not been successful.

Thank you

Okay, well I found this: Ravelry: Not-So-Granny Tunic. It’s not exactly the same, but you could probably modify it. You have to add more rows to make it longer and maybe take out some stitches to make it less pleated if you know what I mean. Maybe just making it a size down would work too. The pattern I found seems to sit larger on the model than the model in you picture.


Awww thank you so much. The idea is there I’m sure i can make some adjustment. It is the closest i have seen. Thank you. :grin:

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You are welcome. I hope it turns out like your daughter would like it. :+1: