Help Needed!

I’ve really enjoyed this site so far. Very helpful, thanks! I’m fairly new to knitting. I’m knitting a baby blanket with stripes on circular needles. My question: How do I add a new color? I have a book but I’m just not getting it! Thanks!

Are you just doing regular horizontal stripes? If so, just start knitting with the new color at the beginning of a row. If the stripes aren’t very wide and you are only using two or three different colors, you can carry the unused ones up the side and start knitting with those when needed. If the stripes are really wide, or if you are using lots of different colors that would be difficult to carry up the side, you’ll want to cut the yarn for the “old” color at the end of the row, leaving a tail long enough to weave in the ends.

When you “carry the yarn” what happens to the part that is carried along? I don’t know how to ask this right. But you will have an extra loop of yarn right? So what do you do with it at the end?

When you are carrying it along, the next time you use that colour, you will pull the yarn so that it’s not “hanging”, but not “pulling” either. Basically, there should be just enough yarn from the last row with that colour to the next row with it. It shouldn’t be loopy at the edge, and it shouldn’t pull your edge tight either. You are simply “carrying it up” along the side of your work. Clear as mud?

As you carry yarn up the side, it gets held against the side by the yarn coming up under it. You can see it, but if you’re doing a lot of stripes, it’s preferable, to me anyway, than having to attach new yarn and weave in ends all the time.

I think I get it. Guess I will have to try it and then it will make sense to me. :slight_smile:

Thay are horizontal stripes and there are several different colors. I have taken it apart three times now! Hopefully I’ll get past row 2 this time. Trying not to get frustrated with the whole thing! Thanks for the good advice!

I just can’t get a clear picture or handle on how to carry the yarn when working with multiple colors. Anyone know of a video or illustration that would show just what is mean by carrying the yarn? Thanks!


i’m kinda new at this myself but since i am currently working on a baby blanket in the round also with circs and many rows of dif. colors i thought i might be able to shed some light.

my blanket changes colors every row and i am working with 5 dif. colors. from what i’ve read, it’s ok to carry up to 5 rows, other wise the yarn will be too loopy and it can get caught in things or fingers. at first i took the yarn at the bottom and twisted it with the color i just finished working with and then started knitting with the new color. but that seemed like an extra step and so now i just bring the bottom yarn up to the needle, i do my first stitch with both colors, then i let go of the previous color and continue knitting with the new color. the biggest problem i’ve encountered knitting this is that all the yarns get all tangled up and i spend a lot of my time untangling them.