Help needed with understanding pattern please

Hi, I am knitting my first sweater, it is described as unisex striped with button neck closure. I am down to the last 12 rows of the front, I have just knitted 12 rows of shaping front neck, the last fews lines I have completed are:
Row 10: p to end
Row 11: k4, skpo. (5sts)
Row 12: P to end.
Leave these sts on a holder.

Thats where I am up to, so I have 28 stitches left on the needle and 5 stitches on a holder. It is the next part I cant figure out, it says;
With rs facing, place centre 14 sts on a holder, rejoin yarn to rem sts.
Row 1: K1, skpo, k5, k2tog, k4.
If anyone can explain to me what I am meant to do I would be so grateful, im sure its really obvious but I cant figure it out! Thankyou!

Welcome to Knitting Help!
You have 28sts on the left needle and the RS or public side of the sweater is facing you. Slip 14sts off the end of the needle and onto a stitch holder, a piece of waste yarn or a safety pin. Now you’ll have 14sts left on the needle for the shoulder. Take a new end of yarn and start knitting on those 14sts (Row 1: K1, skpo, k5, k2tog, k4). You’ll finish this side as the mirror image of the first shoulder.

Thankyou so much! I had misunderstood the place centre 14 stitches part. It makes perfect sense now. I really appreciate your help and such a fast reply!