Help needed with toy pattern...

Hi everyone,
I’m currently knitting an elephant shaped toy in moss stitch for a new arrival in the family and am perplexed by a particular section of the pattern.

Have uploaded a picture of the pattern - am particularly wondering what “pattern across” means in this context and also the significance of the double asterisk. I currently have two sections on different needles (one front leg and one back leg) and am not sure how I’m meant to put them together and what happens with the other legs?

If anyone could help that would be amazing!
Thank you!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Pattern or pattern across means continue in moss stitch.
The double asterisk is probably marking off a section from the beginning of the Front legs to the section Next 2 rows which will be repeated later. Maybe this section is repeated for the other 2 legs.
Just before the section beginning Next 2 rows there’s a row where the directions are to Pattern across the back leg and then across the front leg (43sts). This will join the two legs.
It’s a cute idea for a gift for a new baby. Can you tell us the pattern name or give us a link?

Hi! Thanks for the reply - makes more sense now!

I now have a question which may sound stupid - how would I actually join the two pieces (legs)? Currently I have two pieces on different needles each still attached to a ball… I can’t seem to find any tips online about this (everything seems to be about sewing two finished pieces together.)

The pattern is “baby blue elephant cuddly toy” by Val Pierce - it’s in the May 2007 edition of Knitting.

Oh, have found it here:

Work in pattern across the back leg and then work across the front leg. No special technique needed to join. The join will be weak and loose but will firm up as you knit more rows. You can always tighten up the first few sts by tightening the end of yarn at the front leg.
You won’t need the working yarn that is attached to the front leg. You can cut it, leaving a 6 inch tail to weave in later.
Adorable pattern. Thanks for the link.

Hello again! I’m confused by the pattern once more…

I’ve attached another picture of it - I’m at the point where the tally is scribbled.

I currently have two pieces on separate needles - both with front leg at the top and back leg at the bottom.
One has a few more rows as per the pattern.

It then seems (the line under the tally) to suggest I should knit these two together? But if I do, the lefr front leg will end up attached to the right back leg and it won’t make any sense whatsoever.

Help please! Really no idea what it wants from me.

Thanks in advance =)

Sounds like you’re joining one side of the elephant to the trunk sts. Have the trunk sts been on a holder until now? Try reading through the rest of the pattern to see if there are directions later for joining the sts of the other side (both front and back legs) to these sts.

Ahhh yes right near the end in the “finishing off” section it says to join the legs via another piece. Originally I misread this. And yes, the trunk should be on a holder somewhere!

Thanks so much!