Help needed with three-yearold's lace-patterned tunic top

Hello, I’m new here. Very pleased to have found this site!

I’m having trouble understanding how to proceed with the lacey part of a pattern, not being able to get beyond the first 4 rows. Specifically, I can’t work out which times I’m supposed to use, or not use ‘Yfwd’ from the rules given, nor do I grasp what is meant by “can be worked and vice versa” in the context of the description. If anyone thinks they can help me with this, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ve asterisked the relevant sections in pencil on the scans in the second post below.

Hi and welcome!
The reason for this rule is to avoid a yarn forward at the beginning of a row and to keep the stitch count even. If you start with the yfwd and continue with the rest of the row, you’ll increase a stitch and you don’t want to do that. So if the row for your size (e.g. row 5) starts with a yfwd, omit it because you’ve skipped the preceding k2tog. That’ll keep the stitch count even. The vice versa refers to the situation where the row starts with a k2tog (e.g. row 13). Since you don’t do the preceding yfwd when you work size 3, omit the k2tog in order to keep the stitch count even.

It’s a good idea to count sts especially after these rows to make sure the stitch count stays the same.

Does page 16 have any more advice on this or maybe an illustration?

Hello Salmonmac,
It was so wonderful to get such a quick reply from you! Your explanation was so clearly expressed for such a novice as me. Many thanks for this.
Regarding Page 16, the only other advice is as follows-

“Beg at appropriate edge for size being knitted and work to beg of rep, work rep until the number of sts after rep for selected size rem on left hand needle, work these sts as indicated on Graph”

I understand this as simply stopping knitting the repeat I am doing when the number of stitches on the left needle is 12 (as expressed for Size 3 Yrs)

Unless I am wrong on this point I think I can proceed with this tunic task.

I presume you are in North America and I am here in Australia receiving this amazing assistance. I am very grateful to you for this Forum.
Best wishes

Give it try and see how it goes. If you run into problems, come on back and ask. Sounds like a very sweet top.
There are so many helpful people in the forum. Nice that we’re as close as our computer.