Help needed with Spider web capelet

I’m now seriously peed off with this thing. I had to frog it 6 times, then I found there was a pattern error. Now I’ve finished all the rows, haven’t used even half of 1 50gm ball and the finished thing comes out at not quite 5". :wall:

I’m using Knit Picks Merino style yarn. The pattern calls for Crystal palace merino frappe. Is that a different weight. (when it comes to yarn weights and substitutions I’m useless). The gage is 10st 10 rows = 4" St st, the pattern said to use 10m (US 15) needles but to get that gauge I had to use 8.

Can anyone please give me any help. I really want to make this for Contiknitter’s challenge and it’s a really nice pattern

Am I using the wrong yarn? Any help would be very gratefully received. Thank you.

8 mm or US size 8? You should try it with the larger needles, or you have to adjust the pattern for more stitches. And I think the Merino Frappe is a thicker yarn.

With the 8’s are you getting both the row and stitch gauge that the pattern calls for? Sometimes when you change yarns you will get the stitch gauge but your row gauge is off. If you are getting both the stitch and row gauge as given it shouldn’t matter what size needles you needed to get it, it should come out the right size. A different yarn even at the correct gauge could give a different look, or drape I suppose, the size should be right.

How long is it suppose to turn out to be? Some patterns the row gauge is important because they have you only do a certain number of rows but with others it is not critical because you go by inches, for instance, " work until 12 inches from cast on edge". If it goes by a certain number of rows and your row gauge is off it will not be the length stated. In that case you would need to make sure you use a yarn that will give you correct gauge for stitches and rows.

Or convert their number of rows to inches and knit as many rows in your gauge to get the same number of inches.

Thanks for the advice, but on searching around, I discovered the yarn I was supposed to use was quite a bit thicker than the yarn I had been using.So that’s that. I can’t afford to buy any more yarn at the moment so that’s me out.

Do you have large needles to use, the size 15s suggested in the pattern? That could make the merino style come out close to stitch gauge… I don’t see how using smaller needles with thinner yarn got you 10 sts/4 inches - that’s 2.5 sts per inch.

In case you decide to go back to the Spider Web Capelet, I found corrections to the pattern:

Spiderweb Capelet:
Under Directions, should read: Row 4: K1, * sl2 pwise, K2tog, pass 2 slipped sts over, k, p, k, p into next stitch; rep from * to last st, k1. Row 8: K1, *k, p, k, p into next stitch, sl2 pwise, k2tog, pass2 slippsed sts over; rep from * to last st, k1.