Help needed with pattern measurements!

I found this pattern online and need some help figuring out what they mean!!!

If you take a look where it says “Finished Bust” the measurements are 18.25"/19"/19.75". What does this mean??? And why are these so small?? And what’s “18.25” anyway?? What am I missing here? (I live in the USA, in case that makes any difference)

My bust measurement is 38-40", so I’m clueless as to which one of their sizes is going to fit me. Can anyone help me figure this out???

Thanks so much,

It think it’s giving you just the width, not the full bust measurement. The large uses 70 sts for the back and 40 for each of the fronts and that’s about 150 sts which when divided by the gauge comes out to 42"; the medium comes out to about 41", and the small at 39" so that should give an idea. Note that the Left front is CO 40 sts for all sizes, and the yarn used is a bulky not a sport weight, though it could be done in a heavy worsted too.

Thanks suzeeq!!!

I will most likely make the medium size of this, since I’d want to wear it loose and with a turtleneck under it.

Do you think that “Cast on 40” for the front thing is incorrect?? Or should I just go ahead and follow the instructions as written?


Follow the instructions, it may be the one front should be a little wider so it can be lapped over. Though I think the med is just a few sts less; when you get to that part, decide, based on what it’s measuring as you knit it.