Help Needed with My First Sweater!

I am attempting to knit my first sweater for my nephew who is due in a couple of weeks and I have two problems fairly early into it! :??

The pattern I’m knitting is thePlacket Neck Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I do have the updated pattern, but here are my issues:

  1. After I have knit the body and come back to it I have realized that I have two extra stitches! I knit to the end like it said and have counted all the other stitches, but I had two extra, which I’m not sure what to do with.

  2. I have knit the first sleeve and am ready to continue knitting it onto the circ as per the pattern, but I don’t get how. Which stitches and to which part of the sweater? It says knit the sleeve stitches, so do I knit all of them? What about the ones on the holder for the sweater and the sleeve?

Any help would be awesome. Thanks!!

Are there 2 stiches on the sleeves that were bound off or put on stitch holders? Should your 2 stitches from the back have been bound off or put on stitch holders? They could be for the underarm, but if you think they’re not, just don’t worry about them.

To join the sleeves, take your sleeve, RS facing you, and begin to knit the stitches with the yarn from your back, dropping off the dpns as they get empty. When you run out of sleeve sts, work across the front, and do the other sleeve the same way, then continue on across the back again.

Thanks Sue! But, should I also knit the stitches that are on the holder for the sleeve? I can’t really find where the pattern says anything about those stitches…

The instructions for the sts on the actual st holder should be toward the end of the instructions under Finishing. Since they’re live instead of bound off, they’ll probably be grafted together with stitches at the underarm of the body .

Ahh, Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Everything Sue said is good, but I just thought I would add a little more that might help you. I recently did a sweater that is built like this and even though I am experienced I still messed up on my first try with the first sleeve and had to do it again. :blush:

The stitches that you left on holders on the body of the sweater and the ones on holders for the sleeve are the armpits. :lol: It helps if you put them together and try to situate the sleeve so that it looks like it is coming out of the sweater like a sleeve ought to. Then do like Sue said and knit the stitches off the dpns onto the body of the sweater so that the sleeve will end up where it should be.

Sue answered about the stitches on the holders, you leave them for now and deal with them later. Maybe after you get the sleeves attached you will be able to figure out where the 2 stitches came from and make appropriate adjustments to compensate for them.

Good luck. If it’s like mine the first number of rounds may be awkward to do, but hang in there it gets easier as you get a ways pass the joining of the sleeves. Mine was a cardigan instead of a pullover, but used this same construction technique.

Thanks Merigold; was in a hurry because it was time to leave for work. I meant to add that it looks weird for a few inches, then it stars looking like a sweater…