Help needed with measurements!

im hoping to make this jacket for my bf
then i read jared’s post. trying to use the same size of needles as he used. mmm…<which is slightly bigger than the original pattern>

with the original pattern using US 10 needles
the finished bust measurements would be:
M 42"
Large 44"

so now if im using a US 10.5…
does my finished bust measurement be bigger?
like for size M i would get 43 instead of 42 smt like that?

any is there any experience knitter here?
:slight_smile: could give me some suggestions on measurents of men’s jacket?
like from shoulder to bottom of the jacket…?
i did a research on it, but…mmm am not too sure if it would fit or not! and my bf’s not here with me now…he’s in somewhere else:(
so i dont even have his clothes or jacket to get an idea of it!


Knit the yarn you want to use on the 10½ size needles. Make it large about 30 sts, then see how many sts/inch you get. Compare that to the stitch gauge in the pattern. Also, multiply your sts/inch times the finished measurement to see which size is closest to your number of stitches. The finished pattern may be a couple inches larger than the size m=42, large 44. take the number of sts from the front and back (or look at the measurements in the schematic if it has one) and divide by the pattern gauge to see what would work best.