Help Needed with Maraschino Cherry trim

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to the boards and I’m hoping someone can help me out with a question I have about a pattern. I understand abbreviations like K, O, psso, etc - but I’m not exactly sure what I’m being directed to do for this particular piece.

Here’s exactly how it’s written (All was well until I got to the 5th row):

3rd Row: (K1, O) twice; slip1, K1, psso; K4; O; K2tog; K1 - 12 sts, counting each O as one st.

4th Row: K2; purl across

5th Row: K1 (O, in the next st K1, O and K1) 3 times; O; slip1, K1, psso; K3; O; K2tog; K1 - 21 sts, counting as before

I have no idea how I’m supposed to end up with 21 stitches here! I’ve tried more than I care to admit and always seem to wind up with 17.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


well i don’t have an answer for you but i am curious as to what “O” means. :thinking:

Welcome to the forum!! :waving:

For this pattern, I’ve been told it’s just yarn over.

I didn’t try knitting it … but if you put a slash mark on your paper for each stitch, then cross the ones out for k2tog, I get 21 …

                      [b]   Row 5[/b]

K1 (O, in the next st K1, O and K1) 3 times = (5) x 3 times = 15

O; slip1, K1, psso = 2

K3 = 3

O; K2tog = 1


Row 3 & 4 work out too …

I LEARNED THIS ALL ON KH !!! Is it right???

I tried writing it out when I initially started and came up with 21 stitches as well. I’m not disputing the count - the problem I’m having is that if I work the steps as Debbie pointed out, I “run out” of stitches and there’s nothing left for me to k2tog, etc at the end of the row.

I only have 12 to work with. I’m specifically confused about what exactly I need to repeat three times while still ending up with enough stitches on the left to complete the row.

This piece is starting to turn into a tiny personal quest for me - I will get this sorted out and knit it!

Enjoy your day - -


Could you be losing stitches where it says “in the next stitch, K1, O, and K1”?
Those three things only require one of the original twelve stitches – knit the stitch but don’t take it off the needle, YO, then knit it again and then take it off the needle.

That would be my guess because directions that require working multiple stitches in one existing stitch generally confound people! :??

o is generally used as yarn over on charts :wink:

WELCOME, Fash!!!

Thank you so much, Julie! That was so helpful - you’re right, I wasn’t doing it correctly.

I gave it another try and was able to complete the entire pattern. :smiley:

:smiley: Yay!