Help needed with heel flap

knitting socks from Ann Budd’s ‘Getting Started Knitting Socks’.

Heel Flap instructs me to:

Work back and forth on heel sts in rows as foll:
[I]Row 1[/I]: (RS) Sl 1 pwise with yarn in back (wyb), k1; rep from

? – am I to begin this RS row by slipping 1 pwise, knitting to last stitch and then slip last stitch pwise? I don’t follow the; 'rep from*

This is my first sock :slight_smile: Thanks to anyone who can clarify/help me understand.

You slip 1 purlwise, knit 1, slip 1 purlwise, knit 1, slip 1 purlwise, and so on, until you get to the end of the row, and knit the last stitch.

Next row (I assume) you slip the first stitch and then purl purl purl purl purl all the rest of the way.



Heel flaps are made denser than standard stockinette because they get alot of wear along the back to the shoe.

One way to do this is a slip stitch pattern. You slip every other stitch starting with the first one. It must be worked on an even number of stitches. The slipped stitches can be either on the knit side or the purl side. Just as long as you are consistent.

This pattern calls for slipping on the RS (knit side.) You slip first stitch purlwise, knit 1, slip 1 stitch purlwise, knit 1, repeat across the whole row. Flip to WS. Row2 (WS) Slip first stitch (you slip the first stitch of all rows to make a nice edge to pick up stitches later.) Then purl across all the stitches on that row. Row3 (RS) you repeat row 1.

To slip purlwise, you put the needle into the stitch in the same manner as if making a purl stitch. You just don’t wrap the yarn around. The stitch passes unworked from one needles to the other. And the yarn stays in the back, to work the next knit stitch.

Thank you! That these are my first pair of socks, I’m trying to teach myself from Ann’s book. We’ll see how I fare when it comes to the gusset :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! You unwound the confusion for me… As I said in my previous post – this is my attempt at socks, and I thought (by looking at Ann Budd’s book) that I could teach myself. At least I’ve gotten this far – thanks to your help. One step, or is it stitch, at a time right?

Everything is confusing the first time you do it. For all of us. After you have done it a time or two, it becomes second nature.

This is a great board because people are helpful. And willing to share their knowledge. So if you get into trouble, shout out & someone will give you a hand. There are also some very good videos online. They are great for seeing techniques in action.

I love hand knit socks. Both to knit & to wear. Hopefully, you will too.

Thanks for the reminder – about the videos online! Maybe between Ann Budd’s well-illustrated instructions, this wonderful board & online videos, I’ll have a pair of socks made!! I’m excited about making them. They’ll make great gifts, and also perfect for charity knitting (afghans 4 Afghans).

I recall the same intimidation when I began to make mittens (the thumb mainly). Now – I’m more than comfortable making them.

Something new – good for the mind :slight_smile: