Help Needed with Garter Stitch Hat - Almost Done and Stuck!

Hi all,
I’m a fairly new knitter and am working on the Garter Stitch Hat from Knitting Beyond Scarves by Leapman. I am at the end of the pattern where it says to: [U]weave yarn tail through sides of rows and pull yarn taughtly gathering top of hat.[/U]

I have my yarn tail and I tried putting to through side to side but when I pull it, it just makes a mess and I don’t get the crown of the hat. What should I be doing? I really need specific directions here.

Thanks so much for your help! :wink:

Sounds like a problem of bad description. What you do is run the tail through all of the stitches, in the same order you knit them, all the way around until you get back to where you started. Basically you’re just making a drawstring to gather them all together like closing up the top of a bag.

Got it! That made sense. I have now completed my first hat :happydance:

Thank you so much!!

Glad ya got it. You’re quite welcome, that’s what we’re here for.