Help needed with determining if yarn is compatible with patt

Hey there!! I’m new here and new to knitting. This is a fantastic site and of great help. I thank you all very much.

I’m trying to knit a rollover pullover sweater from Hip to Knit book. It calls for 8 bulky weight yarn --850 yd and 13 stitches and 20 rolls = 4 in. Since that yarn is very expensive, I purchased 12 discontinued Patons UpCountry which is 13 sts.=4 inches with 78 yards per ball. I got thru most of the back using almost 5 of the yarn balls and realized that I would not have enough yarn to finish. The sleeves alone were going to take more than one ball as I knitted some of the sleeve too to see if I was going to have enough. I’ve attempted to take a gauge but not being competely sure if I should count the knit side or the purl side. If I use a smaller needle, do you think I will have enough. I really don’t want to have to unravel again. I thought I would be okay because the recommended yarn and what I got was both bulky and I don’t care too much about size since it’s an oversized sweater. I’m still knitting fairly tightly so I don’t think that’s the problem. Maybe I should stick to easier projects for now. This is suppose to be a “first sweater” project so I jumped in. I have only made a scarf, hat and dishrag so far. TIA for any help or suggestions. Marlene

Well, to check you gauge, use the knit side.

If the sweater is coming out to be the size you want, is it possible to just get more of the yarn you’re using? I wouldn’t change needles mid-sweater. You’ll really mess up your gauge, then, and the sweater will make a change in size mid-stream.

It’s possible that your row gauge is off and that is why you’re using so much yarn. The stitch gauge is most important, because you can just adjust the number of rows you’re knitting to account for a different row gauge.

I hope this was helpful.

Thanks for your reply!!! I brought the yard from Elann and of course, they have sold out. I thought I was okay since I had ordered 12 skeins. I would have brought more to finished if that had been possible. I have already ripped it out :frowning: and did some more gauges with smaller needles but it doesn’t seem to be working out. I found that web site called Yarn Yard Estimator that someone posted about earlier and it calculated that I needed 14 skeins to complete the sweater in extra large. I’m just :?? :?? wondering why the book called for 850 yards for xlarge and I purchased 1044 yards and it’s not going to be enough. It seems to be a somewhat thicker yarn then what was used in the book so I guess it’s not comparable. I liked the yarn in the book but I couldn’t see spending around $90 to $150 for yarn on a first sweater that I was not too sure about. I was really surprised by the cost of yarn.

Very often, no in fact, most of the time, I find that the yarn called for in books is the top-of-the-line stuff, unless the book or pamphlet is put out my one of the manufacturers of less expensive stuff, like Patons or Plymouth.

I don’t understand what happened with your pattern. When I substitute a yarn I ususally just make sure it’s the same weight and yardage and am good to go.

A good on-line source of inexpensive yarns is
It has a pretty wide variety of weights, and the prices are reasonable. For the first few projects you make, don’t feel compelled to use the “good” stuff. Some of the acrylics and blends (I like Plymouth Encore) are reasonably priced, knit up well, and are machine washable and dryable. Smileys has an acrylic call Sorrento, I believe, that is very inexpensive, but not bad to work with. It’s soft and doesn’t have the plasticy feel of some of the really cheap acrylics.

Then again, you can find yarn at $30 a skein. I think that’s ridiculous, too.

Thanks for the info on Smiley’s. I have just ordered some circular needles and more yarn from them for that darn sweater. I had to resist ordering a bunch of yarns as I tend to overdo. Now to figure out what to do with the first batch of yarn. I don’t know why I’m ordering wool anyway, as I do live in Texas and maybe the two times a year I could wear the wool garment, I would be sweating still. :lol: I have sorta been turning my nose up at Acrylic, but I have been seeing some nice ones esp. the blends. Thanks again!!

Welcome to the club! You sound like a true knitter. :happydance: