Help needed with beaded knitting

I would really like to make this change purse

But I do not understand what [color=red]S1B slip 1 bead up to the previously worked stitch[/color] means.

Could someone explain it to me :thinking: ? Thank you thank you !

You have to start out with ALL of the beads threaded onto the yarn you will be using for the project before you even cast on. Then when you come to the abbreviation, ‘S1B’ you will just take the first bead on your yarn and slide it up so it rests snugly against your knitting and then make your next knitting stitch. Good luck!

Oh coolies ! I was thinking that but “Duhhhhh” I was trying to make that too complicated. Thank you thank you.

Now here’s another qustion. I have never bought beads before either and I was curious about the sizes of them. The pattern says I will need About 1000 #8 beads. Will the beads have that written on the package? Just curious before I drive A.C. Moore crazy… HE HE!

Yes, the packaging will give you that information. Good luck with your project. I have made knitted, beaded rounds that you cover clear Christmas balls with. I love them.


I haven’t tried this method - but this link shows how to bead without having to string all the beads on the yarn.

Sara, I like this new way so much better than the way I have always done it in the past. I can’t wait to try it!

Thanks for the site.


No problem - I hope it works out well. I have had a purse pattern for a long time that involves beading and I’m hoping this will work well - I worry about the wear on the yarn with threading them (not to mention my patience!!!).

I never had any interest in beaded knitting until I saw those instructions – they really took the fear out of it for me. :smiley:

Thank you so much for that link !!! I went to Wally World this morning and was overwelmed by the sizes of needles and beads and yarns and couldn’t figure out what I was going to do. So, I just left empty handed. That will help out alot. I’ll have to make a trip to A.C. Moore and pick me up so little crochet hooks. Plus the should have the beads I want. Wally World’s selection wasn’t that great and I think I have a 40% coupon for A.C. Moore.

Thank you so much !!! :happydance: I can’t wait to get started !!!

I’m so glad that link has helped people. Please report back on how it works out!!!

Thanks for the link. An interesting technique. Have tucked it away in my favourites for future reference :happydance:

[color=blue]Good Morning! Has anyone beaded a felted project–how does it come out? I showed my daughter the Lucy Bag pattern and also told her about the cool beading site listed above and she thought it would be great to combine the 2 :thinking:


closing on house in Sebago ME tomorrow! whoooo hoooo! :cheering: [/color]

Stonington - I’ve never done beading on a felted item, but I’ve had my eye on this purse for a while and it does do beading and felting - maybe it would give you some insight!

Good luck & congratulations on the house!

[color=blue]Thanks Sara! So it can be done–hopefully both daughters can get one for Christmas :smiley:

closing on our house in Sebago ME tomorrow! whoo hoo! :cheering: [/color]

Thanks for posting that link Sara… It looks really helpful for when I want to add beads to my work. I have somewhere a similar link for crocheting with beads, but I’m thrilled to now have a knit version as well.

Awesome link, Sara!! Thank you for sharing! :cheering: