Help needed with baby sweater please

Appreciate the help. ladies. The pattern is here:
Work 17 sts for front, pm, work 8 sts for sleeve, pm, work 22 sts for back, pm, work 8 sts for sleeve, pm, work last 17 sts for front
If there are 17 sts for the sides, and
5 sts for the border, that leaves 12sts for the body of the sides right? Therefore, if I want two cables (one running down each side) i would {K5(for border), K1, P2, K6, P2, K1} for each side, right?
And then I would make sure to put a cable in the middle of the sleeve on the sides right?
So, 42 (end sts on row 9) divided by 2 is 21, and 21 minus 4 is 17…so if i am starting with 46 sts, i would knit 19 sts on either side?and then decrease carefully!lol

Thanks in advance for all the help…and rest assured we all know how much you guys love to help!

I’m assuming that the K6 in [I]{K5(for border), K1, P2, K6, P2, K1} [/I]is where you want the cables… if so, it sounds right to me, but we might need a resident expert to check that… I’m wondering, though, if this might mess up the ribbing? :??

About the sleeves: Later in the pattern, it looks like you’ll have 48 stitches total for the sleeves, not 42, because you’ll be picking up stitches later. If you want to add a cable, center it on the middle 18 stitches. (which might be the same as regardless of pick up stitches) (I think… again, experts…?)

You didn’t ask my opinion, so you can (nicely) tell me to go stuff it :teehee: , however, I, personally, am not sure how cables would look with that stitch pattern, since it isn’t straight st st. You could change it to st st (you wouldn’t have those horizontal bumps in the sweater) without a problem. Or you could just add baby cables (left or right twist) to the ribbing. Or you can tell me to stuff it :teehee:

Hey Hildy:
Thanks for replying, and my thought was the same. I was going to do just a st st pattern for the body, and have the border the same. When I do the K1 on the rs, i would P1 on the ws so that it would still be a st of st st inbetween the border.

Regarding the sleeves, I will wait for more confident advice. Besides, I won’t get through te sweater today anyway, so I have time.
Thanks again Hildy!


What you are thinking for the fronts sounds pretty good to me. Should work. You need to keep your cables close to the center opening on each side so that the increases as you make the sweater bigger don’t affect the cables.

On the sleeves you will work the yoke section enlarging as you go until you have 42 stitches between markers for the sleeve sections. Then you knit those 42 off onto dpns and add 6 stitches under the arms to have a total of 48. What she says about how to divide the sleeve stitches up on the 3 needles is not that critical. What she says may work fine, but if you find that the center 8 that you want to be your cable are divided between two needles, move them around until they are all on the same needle for easier working. You will have 20 stitches from center of armpit to where the cable begins and then the 8 for the cable and then another 20 back down to the armpit. You can set your 8 cable stitches off with markers at first if you need to, but soon you will see them just fine. You are working the sleeves in the round so to get stockinette stitch just knit every row, ignoring where she says to purl some rows. Do the decreases as given at the underarm seam and keep your cable going down the middle. Should work.

The fact that you are leaving out the purl rows will probably affect the number of rows you need to get the length you want for the body and the sleeves. It may make the yoke a bit longer than you are expecting too since throwing in the occasional purl row pulls things in and shortens them. I think it will still work though. If you find it is getting longer in the yoke than you think it should you could probably just stop at that point and divide for the sleeves to begin there. Unless that would make the sleeves too small, then you will have to make a decision what to do. The exact number it says to have for the sleeve isn’t something that has to be set in stone, but you need the sleeve to have enough stitches in it to make it roomy enough. You could also decrease a bit slower than it says, if you start off with fewer stitches. Wing it a bit. It’s fun and you learn a lot. You may also get opportunities to frog. :slight_smile: Happens to me a lot.

Good luck and have fun with your project.